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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 69 reviews
      Beauty Maven..
      When liquid meets collagen...

      I bought this product elsewhere in late March and decided that I would stick with it for a while to see if it works by giving it time. Today is April 26th so it's been about 43 days since I began taking this and 2 wks ago I ordered 2 two packs of this collagen because I have noticed some hair thickness and a little plumpness in my face. I take it when I wake up every morning as it's on my nightstand and I know I won't forget. I love the product and it's very affordable and I can't wait to reap the full benefits as time goes by. I know this is a longer than usual comment but I wanted to be honest about my review and how I got here.

      Telin W. Ozier
      Product is Fine; Customer Service is the Worst

      Ordered two products. One of which arrived with the seal broken. I was offered refund or replacement and I chose replacement. Customer Service kept asking me for my order number even though it was in their email and in the subject line. They sent a “replacement” but it wasn’t- it was the OTHER product of the two-item order which had arrived separately and safely. So now I had two of one and one I could not use. And what did they ask me for yet again? The order number that was there in the subject line right above their reply. I have given up in the face of such incompetence. Will not order again. Must get myself removed from their mailing list. Too bad; I kinda liked their collagen…

      Connie Bradford
      Haven’t gotten any product yet. Request for follow up have not helped

      Wouldn’t know. Haven’t gotten the product

      Concha Von Wald
      Easy way to consume collagen

      I like this liquid collagen because it's easier to digest

      Yum yum yum!!

      So far I am really enjoying this product. So easy to remember taking it every morning because it tastes so good!!! I was surprised at the quality and care of the Company as well.