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      We spent years using supplements and cosmetic products that left us feeling disappointed at best.

      Unless you’ve been fantastically lucky, we’d be willing to bet you’ve experienced the same yourself.

       After throwing yet another “latest and greatest” moisturizer in the trash, we started asking questions. It turned out our friends had the same problem. They had one or two products they trusted but the rest was thrown out virtually full.

      It was the same again and again, no matter who we spoke to. So we asked some experts.

      Turns out there are things supplements and cosmetics can do. But there are way more things they can’t. And just as with any other proposition in life, products that look too good to be true usually are.

      The products that do what they claim to are almost always ones that contain individual ingredients proven by multiple, reliable, independent scientific studies to make a positive difference to our bodies.

      Let’s assume that 80% of the products out there don’t contain anything useful (and that’s probably being generous - it’s likely to be far more). That means the other 20% contain proven ingredients. It’s no coincidence that the common theme with these products is natural ingredients.

      So 20% is ok, right? Well, actually, when you start really digging down, you find only a small percentage of that ‘good’ 20% are optimized to produce really outstanding results. Good ingredients alone aren’t enough.

      So did the experts think there was room for improvement? They did. There was plenty of room to improve even the better products. But it would mean a lot of work, a lot of testing, a lot of research.

      Were we frustrated enough to take that on?

      Well if it was just us who were frustrated, maybe not. But it wasn’t. It was our friends. It was people we connected with online. It was the scientists and experts themselves. It was that friend of your mum’s and those friends that she meets at bingo. It was everyone.

      Can you imagine all that needless frustration, wasted time, wasted effort, and wasted money multiplied by millions (maybe even billions)?

      We were convinced that with the right science, natural ingredients, and people, we could take that waste off the consumer’s hands and replace it with truly remarkable products that deliver on the promises they make.

      Now we have the science, ingredients and people - so that’s what we do.

      We are Windsor Botanicals. Inspired by the best of nature - optimized for you.