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      Sherease Cole

      Windsor Botanicals Vegan Vitamin B12 Sublingual Liquid Drops - Mood, Energy and Blood Cell Production Support - Citrus Flavor, 2oz

      Paulina Huerta
      Highly recommended!

      I've been taking the B12 vitamin for a couple of days now and it's awesome! I have noticeably more concentration and energy which helps since I've been actively been working out more. It comes in a dropper, so it is very easy to add to my morning juice. I love that is gluten/sugar and cruelty free! The price is really affordable and the delivery time was great, it just took 2 days to get to my home! Highly recommended!

      Ted F
      No more fatigue!

      I wasn’t sure what to expect from a liquid B12 supplement. Would I feel an instant sense of energy? Would it taste bad?I was pleasantly surprised by all my questions. The taste is fine and the dropper makes the dosage easy. As far as energy goes I didn’t fee anything right away, which was fine as I took it early in the morning. Where I noticed the difference was throughout the day I didn’t feel fatigued like I normally do in the afternoon. That benefit alone makes this product 5 stars. Add the clean ingredient list and it solidifies this as a great product!

      Bob Rollar
      Great product and awesome packaging

      I was drawn to the packaging, the color scheme and actual label on the bottle felt awesome. Not sure how to describe it but gives it a premium feel. Overall, the taste is actually great. When I first saw it, I thought it looked like medicine. But the taste is great, and I will be sure to update this after using for more than a few times. Highly recommended and you get a free gift as well!

      Best b12

      I took a half dose yesterday when it got here and I felt it right away. No nap for this momma! The flavor is great and smells good as well. If you don't like taking liquid vitamins this will change your mind. I will say this is the best b12 vitamin supplement that I have used. I will give it 5 :star2: it is going into my cart agian and will be gifted for a Christmas present to my friends and family.